1 Pinewood Drive, Wawa, Ontario, Canada



The land acquired is located adjacent to the town of Wawa, located between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario.

The property is situated along both sides of Highway 17 North providing easy access to all farming operations. The total area is slightly in excess of 600 acres with approximately 450 acres being level sandy plains, ideal for wild blueberry production. This area has been identified as highly suitable for this endeavor.

The land is extremely unique in that it is composed of flat sandy plains with no surface stone or rock. Soil samples were analyzed after the area was logged and acidity levels were found to fall within the optimal level for wild blueberries. Wild blueberries were already growing throughout most parts of the site and on adjacent land.

Through further research, Algoma Highlands has managed to condense the development time from 6-10 years to an expected 2-5 years. This has expedited field development which would make future expansion of blueberry areas more economically feasible.

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